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[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 1 Assignment- Argument Research Essay Topic and Proposal 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 1 Discussion- You Do Have a Voice; You Do Have a Perspective- Explore a Topic and Viewpoints
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 2 Assignment- Pre-writing, Argumentative Essay Introduction and Thesis, an Argumentative Plan, and First Sources
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 2 Discussion- Humble yet Assertive Agreeing with Opponents Concession and Refutation, and Workshopping toward Your Week 2 Assignment
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 3 Assignment- Guided Annotated Bibliography- Reading Critically and Practicing Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 3 Discussion- Breaking the Cherry-Picking Habit – Why Write an Annotated Bibliography Layers of Information and Finding Your Source’s Niche in Your Argument
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 3 Quiz- Annotated Bibliographies & Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 4 Assignment- Logical Fallacies Presentation- Poking (and Plugging) Holes in Arguments 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 4 Discussion- How Do the Top Dogs Do It Learning from Example Toward Effective Drafting
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 4 Quiz- Logical Fallacies 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 5 Assignment – Full Draft of the Argument Research Essay 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 5 Discussion- “Drop the Microphone”- Examine Examples toward More Compelling Argument Essay 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 5 Quiz- Composing Effective Conclusions and Methods for More Powerful Arguments 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 6 Assignment- Draft Progress Journal 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 6 Discussion- Being a True and Dedicated Colleague- Guided Formal Peer Review of Argument Research Essay Drafts
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 6 Quiz- Effective Peer Review and Features of Argument Genres 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 7 Assignment- Final Draft of the Argument Research Paper 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 7 Discussion- Ending Toxic Relationships with Revision; Revision Workshopping
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 7 Quiz- Review Argument, Research, and Writing Approaches Toward Effective Revision 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 8 Assignment 1- Go Forth and Change Lives- Thinking about the Role of Argument and Research in Your Twelve-Month Plan 
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 8 Discussion- Reflection
[Solved] ENGL147N – Week 8 Final Exam-a-bration! 
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