[Solved] BEST DEAL NR439 – Complete Week 1-8 Verified Answers for EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE




This solution bundle contains verified answers to all 8 weeks of NR439 – Evidence-Based Practice.

The bundle is a great discount ($121.88 down to $109.99)  compared to purchasing single answers of the course one at a time.

An additional amazing value is that for all the weekly discussion prompts, I have included 10 DIFFERENT response options that you can choose from.

This solution bundle contains:

(You can click on an individual product below to go to that specific week’s prompt – where you can also purchase that single solution).

[Solved] NR439 – Week 1 Discussion – Introduction to Evidence-based Practice (graded)
[Solved] NR439 – Week 1 Discussion – Introductions
[Solved] NR439 – Week 2 – Check-In- Research, Practice Problems, and Questions (graded).png
[Solved] NR439 – Week 2 – PICOT Problem Answer
[Solved] NR439 – Week 3 Assignment – Problem/PICOT/Evidence Search (PPE) Worksheet (graded) 
[Solved] NR439 – Week 3 Discussion – The Literature Review and Searching for Evidence (graded)
[Solved] NR439 – Week 4 Discussion – Designs – A Plan to Study for the Truth (graded)
[Solved] NR439 – Week 5 Assignment – Clarifying Research – Worksheet
[Solved] NR439 – Week 5 Discussion – Samples and Data Collection (graded)
[Solved] NR439 – Week 6 Assignment – Reading Research Literature (RRL) Worksheet (graded)
[Solved] NR439 – Week 6 Discussion – Data Analysis and Results (graded)
[Solved] NR439 – Week 7 Discussion – Applying and Sharing Evidence (graded)
[Solved] NR439 – Week 8 Reflection Discussion – Reflection on The Evidence-Nursing Practice Connection (graded)

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