[Solved] – BEST DEAL – NR361 – RN information systems in healthcare – Complete Week 1-8 Verified Answers




This solution bundle contains verified answers to all weeks in NR361 – RN information systems in healthcare.

The bundle is a great discount compared to buying individual solutions for each week.

An added ‘easter egg‘ is that each discussion prompt has 10 DIFFERENT responses that you can choose from and work with.

The bundler contains:

(You can click on any individual product below to go to that specific product’s prompt – where you can also purchase that specific product alone).

[Solved] NR361 – Week 1 Discussion- AACN Essentials Informatics Self-Assessment (graded)
[Solved] NR361 – Week 2 Assignment- Course Project Milestone 1 (graded) 
[Solved] NR361 – Week 2 Discussion- Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems
[Solved] NR361 – Week 3 Discussion- Standardized Terminology and Language in Informatics
[Solved] NR361 – Week 4 Assignment- Course Project Milestone 2 (graded) 
[Solved] NR361 – Week 4 Discussion- Your patient has a Personal Health Record… Now what (graded)
[Solved] NR361 – Week 5 Discussion- Trends in Informatics (graded)
[Solved] NR361 – Week 6 Assignment- Course Project Milestone 3 (graded) 
[Solved] NR361 – Week 6 Discussion- Distractors in our Environments (graded)
[Solved] NR361 – Week 7 Discussion- Use of Personal Communication Devices in Patient Care Settings (graded)
[Solved] NR361 – Week 8 Discussion- Reflection on AACN Essentials Informatics Self-Assessment (graded)

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