[Solved] CCJ 5285 – Final Exam – Reducing Recidivism (Causes of Crime, Processing of Criminals, and Prisoner Reentry)





Answer the following question, which is worth a total of 40 points. Answers will be graded on whether they answer the question, whether they are accurate, whether they are grammatically correct, and whether they are logically assembled. Answers can be no longer than ten pages double spaced (no smaller than 11 point font); I will not read beyond the tenth page. The answers need to incorporate all assigned readings for the semester (failure to do so will result in a lower grade). Your exams should be grounded in the empirical literature and I do not want you to express your opinions on the exam (you can discuss your opinions on the Discussion Board). Exams must be delivered via Canvas no later than 12:00pm (noon) EST on 17th (no exceptions—20 points are deducted for each minute that the paper is late). I will not accept exams via email. All exams must include a reference page and your name should be typed only on the last page of the exam (or you will lose points). Last words of advice: do not cheat or plagiarize—I will catch you and you will fail the course. Failure to follow these instructions will adversely affect your grade. Your grades will be posted on Canvas as soon as I have finished grading all of them. If you have any questions about the grade that you received, feel free to contact me.

Essay Question

You have been chosen to be part of a task force aimed at reducing recidivism. Based on what we have read this semester, explain, in detail, how you would reduce recidivism. In your answer, be sure to include what we know about the causes of crime, what we know about the processing of criminals, and what we know about prisoner reentry.



Criminal justice systems often struggle with the concept of recidivism. Berman et al (2019) explain that policy makers and criminal justice staff have been involved in intensive activity to find out “what works” given the return to belief in the 1990s that rehabilitation could work. Given such a background, this essay offers perspectives on ways to reduce recidivism based on the concepts covered in the semester. The essay tackles recidivism by underscoring the evident knowledge on causes of crime, processing of criminals, and prisoner re-entry.

Handling juveniles with care

Part of the causes of crime stems from the factors surrounding an individual in society. I would therefore argue that providing a better environment can reduce recidivism directly or indirectly. First. Looking for example at a case cited by Hume……..(Click the Buy button above to purchase the entire essay – 2,800 words).


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