Art, Image and paintings (Trump’s image, copying in art, annunciation painting)


A reflection of art, painting, and image. The paper covers Trump’s image depiction by Time magazine as a piece of art, Fra Filippo Lippi egg tempera, and the idea of annunciation painting, the concept of copied or stolen art, distinction from late Gothic and northern renaissance, as well as context of Florence in 1400s.



Fra Filippo Lippi egg tempera on wood painting contains an image of the archangel Gabriel bringing on the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ to the Virgin Mary.

In the endeavor of creating art pieces, artists often borrow from existing ideas and then recreate them into their own creations. Copying of images has always existed in artworks.

The painting of the annunciation of the Virgin Mary belongs to the Early Renaissance period that existed in Italy. Firstly, the artwork exhibits humanism in the manner in which the divine creature (angel Gabriel) brings the message of the annunciation to Mary.

Donald Trump’s article seated as the cover of the annual Time’s Magazine reflects the nature of the power he had gotten as an elected president of the USA and the servitude that the power reflected.


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