Amber Guyger – The shooting of Botham Jean


This paper analyses the case of Amber Guyger where she shot Botham Jean and killed him. The paper uses Conflict Theory to explain the incidence.

(Paper sections – Introduction, a description of the crime in its historical setting, a theoretical (conflict theory) analysis of the crime events, a description of media involvement and coverage of the case from investigation to disposition, a perspective concerning the media effect on case outcomes, and references).



The paper focuses the analysis on the events of the shooting, the theoretical basis of the crime, the media’s involvement and possible influence on the case outcomes. The case is interesting based on its nature where a white policewoman shot and killed an unarmed black man in his home. Further, this is at a time when criminal justice reform is being campaigned for and race-based killings by police officers are a politically charged issue. The conflict theory is used in the paper to explain the possible context of the crime where police can tend to be aggressive and brutal with African Americans compared to whites or other races in the…………….(buy to read more).


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