Human Rights in Domestic Violence


This paper addresses the impact of the policies on domestic violence. This thesis will prove due to the implementation of the human rights policies on domestic violence are resulting in a reduction of violence in homes.

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Domestic violence among households around the globe has been an issue of concern. It entails physical assault, battering, psychological attacks, and sexual attacks against a person.[1] Despite the common notion that violence is among women only is deceptive. Both genders are at risk of facing violence.  The International human rights law prohibits the restriction of human rights in either the public sphere or the private sphere on individual persons. Domestic violence provides restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression and the right to live in extreme terms.  Thus, there are numerous policies instituted to address the issue of domestic violence.

Domestic violence though dominant in patriarchal societies, emerges from the differences between men and women. The distinction emerges due to literacy levels, political participation, and financial strengths. Countries that have ratified the convention on discrimination of any form against women have an obligation of legally ensuring that the members enjoy legal rights…… (buy to read more).

Appx. 1,000 words.



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