[Answered] – CCJ 5708 – Influence of technology on Criminal Justice Systems


These are the instructions to the paper.

Assignment 4 prompt:

One expectation among criminal justice administrators and practitioners is that advances in information technology (IT) have the potential to improve the efficiency and productivity of criminal justice agencies. Some have even argued that the major crime drop in America over the past couple decades was, at least in part, due to advances in technology.

For this assignment, you must find two research articles outside of the course readings that address this issue. That is, you must find two articles from academic journals that say something concrete, based on research, about whether or not advancements in technology seem to have improved the functioning of the criminal justice system. You must then write a short paper (3-4 pages) that describes the findings of these studies.

Note that the articles do not have to agree in their findings. Note also that it is not necessary for you to understand all parts of the articles. Some parts may be quite advanced statistically, but you do not necessarily need to discuss those parts.

Be sure to thoroughly address each of the components listed above. You must write with correct grammar and punctuation, and at a level suitable for a graduate course. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points. A sample outline is provided below.

Note that the sources for this paper MUST be academic journal articles – not books, websites, or government reports. Refer to assignment 3 for instructions for finding journal articles and for instructions on citations and references. You must use the citation and referencing instructions or you will lose points.


This document contains the answer to Assignment 4 of CCJ 5708 (Computer Applications in criminal justice).



Technological innovation in the 21 st century has fostered the innovation in both hardware and software technological components useful in influencing the operations of criminal justice officers. The hard components of technology are useful in helping the prevention of crime while
at the same time helping the criminals in the commitment of crimes. Soft technological innovation is useful in predictive policing as strategic information is useful in prevention of crimes. The prevention of crimes in new communities is centered on the reduction of number of
offenders as well as reduction in the criminal activities undertaken in a specific locality. The new technology helps police officers use minimal efforts while dealing with crime activities. Ultimately, new technology has influenced the activities of the criminal justice system despite its

Technological Innovations in Crime Prevention and Policing. A Review of the Research on Implementation and Impact

In this article, the authors, Byrne and Marx (2011), describes the varying component of technological innovation such as the hard and the soft technological components and their influence on the criminal justice system. The…….(purchase to view complete answer)


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