Aaron Swartz; The crime, American media and influence on legal outcome


This paper looks into the case of Aaron Swartz, an American internet activist. The focus is on the role of the media in his case in terms of coverage and influence on outcomes.

Covers – The crime in its historical setting, theoretical analysis of the crime, media involvement and coverage, perspective of media’s influence on the outcome.

Appx. 1,800 words.



Aaron was a prodigy in computer programming based on his achievements at the tender age of 14 years. Later in his life, he had picked interest in internet freedom and creating open access. This led him to fight laws such as SOPA and PIPA. In his protest against monopolizing internet resources, he accessed and downloaded material from MIT and JSTOR. He was charged with illegal access and intent to distribute licensed material under 14 counts of felony. His case resonates with Durkheim’s theory on the origin of crime as well as why crime can exist in a society such as America where social order is unfair and unjust to some individuals. During Aaron’s indictment, the media offered little coverage. However, his trial in the year 2013 was largely covered and his death sparked ……..(buy to read more).

Appx. 1,800 words.


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