Is the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization?


Is the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization? This essay answers the question in a detailed manner.

Appx, 1,700 words.



Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna. He was a teacher at a school in Ismailia and his argument was that an Islamic revival enabled shaking off the colonial rule. This would be achieved by enabling Muslims to catch up with the Western world through the Islamic religious revival (The Newyork Times, 2019). His teachings spread outside Egypt and today there are various Islamic political movements tracing their roots to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The name Muslim Brotherhood is used by some groups while others do not. Many countries allied with the United States recognize such as Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan recognize political parties descended from or linked to Muslim Brotherhood…..(buy to read more).

Appx. 1,700 words.


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