Post– Traumatic Stress Disorder (Essay Answered)


Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Post-traumatic stress disorder refers to the stressful condition that takes place after a traumatic experience. In most patients, the condition takes place in terms of flashbacks, distressing thoughts, and nightmares (Shalev, Liberzon, & Marmar, 2017). Also, the event comes out in form of anger outbursts, avoiding events that seem to remind someone of the past experiences as well as exhibiting symptoms of hyper-arousal.  PTSD affects one’s behavior. Consequently, it affects the daily lives of patients. Psychological employ various kinds of intervention in addressing the traumatic condition among patients.  The paper will look into the explanation of PTSD condition, its features, and available interventions for managing the condition. Lastly, the paper shall contain a critique of the information presented in the journal articles.

Definition and Features of PTSD

Yehuda et. al., (2015) describe PTSD as a stress disorder that occurs after an exposition to violent activities. Some of the violent activities may entail rape, physical violence, accident, as well as other natural disasters. The prevalence of PSTD is higher in women than men.  Victims often appear hypersensitive whenever they are near places or people who remind them of the stressful act. Yehuda et al (2015), states that the victims entirely avoid places or people who might remind them of the event. Medically the condition is associated with a myriad of other diagnostic features such as the increased prevalence of dementia, excess pain, cardiometabolic disorders, and increased pain.

A research carried out by Shalev, Liberzon, & Marmar (2017), indicates the  PTSD prevalence among military officers, police officers, younger people, women, and people who are socially disadvantaged in society.  Therefore, there is a relation between the social factors, gender, and situational factors in the development of post-traumatic stress disorder. High-income countries report more cases of PTSD as compared to low-income countries. The perception of different stressors in life for both men and women vary, hence the higher prevalence of the condition on women.

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Appx. 1,200 words.


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