Spatial Diffusion of Cricket in India (Essay)


Spatial Diffusion of Cricket in India.

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Spatial Diffusion of Cricket in India.


Modern sports seem to be linked in a way to industrialization.  Just like industrialization, sports began as an individual innovation of a particular way to spend recreational time. Over time, the innovative sport spread through a group of people and later on across borders.  Technological advancement has had an impact on the manner in which sports are conducted.  Most of the industrial towns contained some of the most successful sports clubs such as Liverpool. Cricket began in England like a rural game (Kaufman and Patterson, 2005).  After a while, Cricket became a popular game like Soccer, and rugby among British natives.  The diffusion of Cricket to other nations came about after British soldiers took it to the colonies of their empire (Kaufman and Patterson, 2005).

Cricket in India

Cricket in India was introduced by British soldiers in the 1700s. However, the game was only played by the soldiers.  Mostly the game was used in symbolizing a code of conduct, morality, and ethical correctness (Gupta, 2013)………….

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Appx. 1,400 words.


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