[Solved] LEI 4524 Assignment – Big data and understanding the world



Does big data make it possible to understand the world as it is, without bias? If not, will this change in the future? Or is there still never a single, true, neutral way of understanding the world?

Big data does make it possible to understand the world but in the current context this is not without bias. There have been demonstrated cases of big data revealing information and enabling understanding of concepts in health, population, shopping etc. However, the information in the current form is limited due to the small extent of human population (world) from which the data is drawn and also the data points available overall. In future, big data will………….. (Click ‘Buy’ to access the full solution).

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Which video do you agree with more? In general, are you more optimistic or pessimistic about big data? Do you envision a utopia created by big data, AI, and smart everything? Or do you have a dystopian vision of evolving technology and data science (such as those envisioned in several sci-fi films and books)? Of course, you can have a more moderate stance. Now, think through and describe why you feel that way in more detail. Why do you have the response you listed above? What personal experiences, current events, etc. inform your opinions?


Finally, find one outside source (can be scientific article or a news story) that supports your opinion on big data. Briefly explain the main idea of the article and how it relates to your perspective.


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