[Solved] EDUC 615X – Audio Project Design Paper – Using the ADDIE Model of Instructional Design



This solution contains a complete audio design project for EDUC 615X. It is an example of how to use the ADDIE model to create instructional audio. The solution has been graded at UMass and so it is an accurate answer.

It contains:

  • A response to all the headings below.
  • The actual Audio Lesson.
  • The material used to prepare the lesson.

Audio Project Design Paper

Design Project



Design Project Link:

insert a link to your podcast (share via Google Drive)


This section focuses on the analysis stage of the ADDIE model in the context of the design of……..

What topic did you select for your Audio Design Project? Why did you select this topic?

Market research

There are a number of …….

Who is the audience for your design project

The target audience for the …….

How did you collect data about your audience

Data for the …….

What did you learn about your audience?

There were several key findings from ……


What is the learning objective for your design project?

After …….

How will the design of your project help your audience meet the learning objective?

The first design element is structure. The ……

How did you go about designing the content for the project?

The …….

How did you incorporate knowledge of how people learn

According to Spielman et al. (2014), one way to enhance learning is ……..

How did you incorporate design principles and strategies?


Under Mayer’s principles, the coherence ………


A written script ……


Inspiration for sound was ……


This section details the development of ……. the provisions of the development dimension of the ADDIE model.

How did you go about developing your design project?

The …….

Recording & Interviewing Practice:

The ……

What did you learn from accessibility & usability testing for your project?

The tutorial ……


This section covers the implementation dimension as guided by the ADDIE model.

How do you plan to implement your project

This …….


How do you plan to evaluate the effectiveness of your project?

On the design of the …….

Reflection & Critique

What worked well? What could be improved? If you had to do this project over again, what would you do differently? Why?

In general, I think I executed the …….

What did you learn from this project about multimedia production, design techniques, instructional design, teaching, and/or learning?

The main lesson I have learned from this project is ……..




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