[Solved] CCJ5078 – Week 5 – Discussion 3 – MS PowerPoint



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Discussion 3 – Microsoft PowerPoint

This week’s readings introduce you to the fundamentals of Microsoft PowerPoint. Many of the skills that are discussed in these two chapters can be very useful for conveying information in a presentation, including the use of clip-art, sound, slide transitions, and animations. However, we must be careful to avoid the temptation to include every possible “bell and whistle” in our presentations. This week’s discussion question has two parts:

  1. Under what circumstances might it be desirable to include slide transitions and animations in our PowerPoint presentations?
  2. Under what circumstances might it be best to avoid slide transitions and animations?

This week’s discussion question asks for your opinion, so there is not necessarily a wrong answer. However, in order to receive full credit for your post, you must give it careful thought, and be specific with detailed examples. Also, be sure to read the textbook so you know precisely what I mean by the terms “transitions” and “animations.”


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