[Solved] APK5121 – All Parts – Communication Assessment



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Feedback & Communication. Students will use provided assessments to complete this assignment.

Students will ask an athlete/s to complete the CBAS and Communicator Style questionnaire to provide information on perceived feedback and communication.

Students will provide a self-assessment and reflection for the results of this assignment/assessment.

The purpose of this assignment is for coaches to become aware of and assess how athletes perceive their feedback and communicator style.

This assignment contains multiple parts with all portions due on the same due date.

Part 1:

Select at least three (3) athletes (you can select more!) to complete the feedback assessment AND the *communication assessment.

After you receive responses, you should obtain a score using the scoring instructions provided on each assessment (last page).

Link to

Feedback/Behavior Assessment

Link to Communication Assessment (Communicator Style)

Link to an athlete/parent information sheet

If you would like a copy of these assessments on an Excel file so you can easily compute your scores, please find the copy you need in this Google Folder e.

Part 2:

Reflection Paper.

In a 3–4-page APA formatted paper (not including title page & references), provide a response to the following prompts. A minimum of three (3) sources cited are required although more are encouraged.

  • Using the course material and other research/literature, assess your mental skills scores.
    • *Note: If you used communication as your target Self-Study topic, please include all three of your scores on the communication survey in your evaluation.
  • What do these scores mean to you in terms of how you coach?
  • What changes (or not) will you make (or what will you continue doing) based on your results? Explain and support your answers.
  • What are 2 – 3 takeaways you learned from this experience? Your take-aways can be anything (about yourself internally, yourself as a coach, your athletes, etc.)?
  • Outline your action steps for making your changes (what is your plan for how you will incorporate this knowledge?).


  • Completed communication assessments (yours & your athletes)
  • A 3–4-page reflection paper Communication Assessment

Criteria Ratings Pts


All prompts of the assignment are addressed and submitted including the self-assessment and external 10 pts assessments. The student presents the requested number of external assessors.


Responses in the reflection paper are well-thought-out and presented. It is clear the student took time to connect their reflections back to the course material and past experiences. The student uses the requested number of sources to support or provide evidence for their reflections. 65 pts.

Writing & Grammar

The paper follows APA 7th edition formatting. There are minimal spelling/grammatical errors. 10 pts.

Total Points:


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