[Solved] APK5121 – A4 Part 2 – Communication Assessment – Reflection Paper



Part 2:

Reflection Paper.

In a 3–4-page APA formatted paper (not including title page & references), provide a response to the following prompts. A minimum of three (3) sources cited are required although more are encouraged.

  • Using the course material and other research/literature, assess your mental skills scores.
    • *Note: If you used communication as your target Self-Study topic, please include all three of your scores on the communication survey in your evaluation.
  • What do these scores mean to you in terms of how you coach?
  • What changes (or not) will you make (or what will you continue doing) based on your results? Explain and support your answers.
  • What are 2 – 3 takeaways you learned from this experience? Your take-aways can be anything (about yourself internally, yourself as a coach, your athletes, etc.)?
  • Outline your action steps for making your changes (what is your plan for how you will incorporate this knowledge?).


A4: Communication Assessment

Student Name

Florida State University

APK5121 – Sport and Exercise Psychology for Coaches

Megan Buning, Ph.D., CMPC

13th Feb.

To complete this assignment, I contacted three athletes that I thought knew my coaching style well. It was pleasant that they were very willing to help by filling in the two questionnaires (feedback and communication assessment). In my target self-study topic, I focused on………………… (Click on ‘Buy’ above to access the full solution).


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