[Solved] CCJ 5708 Exam 3 – Computer applications in criminal justice



CCJ 5078 – Computer Applications in Criminal Justice

Exam #3

For this exam, you must complete the two essay questions below. You must type your answers in a Word document, and upload the document to Canvas by the due date. This is a very firm deadline. This exam is worth 40 points. To receive full credit, you must provide complete answers for each part of the question, draw on all relevant readings and lecture notes, and display graduate-level writing ability including proper grammar and punctuation.

You must cite any sources that you draw on, which must include the course readings. When citing the course readings, cite the authors’ last names and the year of the publication. You may include material from outside of the required readings, but this is not necessary (except for question 2 where it is required), and including outside readings will not be a substitute for citing all the relevant readings from the course. For any outside readings, you must follow the instructions for citations and bibliographic references that were provided in Exam 2.

Keep in mind that these are essay questions, not short answer questions. Your answers must be thorough and of sufficient depth for a graduate-level course. Finally, both of your answers must adhere to the following format guidelines:

  • All answers must be written in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and double-spaced.
  • All pages must have a margin of 1” on all sides.
  • Label the beginning of your answer with the corresponding question number, but do not type the actual question in your document.
  • Type your name in the header of your document.
  • Do not include a title page. The first page of your document should begin with your first answer.
  • Answers must be 3-4 pages each.
  1. One issue that pervades many of the readings in this course, though not the sole focus of any particular reading, is the potential negative impact that the increasing use of information technology can have on privacy and civil rights. Choose two technological advancements in any branch of the criminal justice system (policing, courts, and/or corrections) that might threaten privacy and/or civil rights. First describe the advancement, and then explain why it might be considered a threat to privacy or civil rights. Finally, explain why you are, or are not, concerned about these potential threats.
  2. Included in the Week 13 readings are two articles about important technologies in the criminal justice system – one about license plate readers and one about CCTV cameras. However, there are many other advancements that are equally important and exciting. Choose an emerging technological advancement in the criminal justice system that we did not read an article about in this class. You could choose one of the technologies discussed in the article by Byrne and Marx from the Week 7 readings, but you are not restricted to these. You could also choose one of the recent advancements discussed in the following reports on the use of various technologies in law enforcement:

http://myweb.fsu.edu/bstults/courses/ccj5078/perf-2009.pdfLinks to an external site.

http://myweb.fsu.edu/bstults/courses/ccj5078/perf-2012.pdfLinks to an external site.

For the emerging technology that you choose, give a thorough description of the advancement and explain why it is important. To support your answer, you must find, review, and cite, two scholarly journal articles (or one article and a government report) that discuss the advancement and how it is used in the criminal justice system. These must be articles that we did not read this semester. Use the instructions included in Exam 2 for help finding journal articles, and for citation and bibliography formatting.



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