Volkswagen Emissions Testing Scandal


An essay on the Volkswagen emissions testing scandal. Discusses incident or incidents that led to unethical actions on the part of Volkswagen and its employees. Also, it identifies management’s role in the unethical actions and what you believe were the causes and motivations for the actions. And lastly, it shows steps that were taken by Volkswagen after the unethical actions were discovered by management or revealed to the public.

Appx. 1,300 words.




The goal of Volkswagen was both simple and ambitious under the leadership of Martin Winterkorn who took over in 2007 as the CEO. He had plans of transforming the company into one of the largest selling automakers beating companies like Toyota. Therefore, there was a need for the company to sell in neglected markets like the United States although for the goal to meet it was necessary to increase the U.S car sales to triple (Siano et al., 2017). Engineers were faced with a huge challenge since they had to come up with diesel cars that were fuel-efficient and passed the pollution regulations in America…..(buy to read more).

Appx. 1,300 words.


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