[Solved] NR451 – Week 1 Discussion – Our Care Culture (graded)




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Discussion Questions

Care expressed and practiced in professional nursing models provides a way of looking at the nursing role from the aspect of care. It may seem excessive to consider aspects of caring and compassion in nursing. However, precisely because it IS nursing makes it crucial to our continual progress of defining and upholding one of our central professional principles.

Address each of these items:

  • Reflect on a caring and compassionate experience with a patient or family encountered in your practice.
  • How was your compassion demonstrated?
  • How does your thinking about compassion expand to include self and colleagues?
  • Reflect on the iCARE Self-Assessment and share an insight related to this discussion.

Please complete the iCARE Self-Assessment  and download for your own use and information. The self-assessment is not a graded item.


I work as an ER nurse at a level 1 trauma and comprehensive stroke facility, so, unfortunately, myself and my team are faced almost daily with traumatic and sometimes end-of-life events. One case that immediately jumped to the front of my mind when reading the criteria for this discussion, was the cardiac arrest code that we ran on a mid-60-year-old female patient. The patient arrived nonresponsive and at a cardiac standstill. We performed ACLS and coded this……………………… [PURCHASE TO VIEW FULL SOLUTION].


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