[Solved] NR447 – Week 7 Discussion- Technology in Healthcare (Graded)




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Step 1: Read the following case study:

In a local home healthcare agency, nurses are using their personal cell phones to email and text physicians, the agency, and local hospitals. The agency is considering providing the nurses company cell phones with a secure login. There are advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Step 2: Your first post is based on the first letter of your last name. For example, if your last name is Smith, you would address the use of company devices. Please consider impact of use, tracking of information, security, education, cost, and maintenance.

The First Letter of your Last Name Question to Answer


What are the advantages of using personal devices for professional communication?

What are the disadvantages of using personal devices for professional communication?

If you were the agency, would you choose personal or company devices? Explain your choice.



What are the advantages of using company devices for professional communication?

What are the disadvantages of using company devices for professional communication?

If you were the agency, would you choose personal or company devices? Explain your choice.


Step 3: Reply to classmates in either group.

Your discussion post should look like:

  • Paragraph one: Discuss advantages of the assigned device (based on last name)
  • Paragraph two: Discuss disadvantages of the assigned device (based on last name)
  • Paragraph three: Explain your personal opinion of which device should be selected.
  • Resources: Where did you find your data?


Hello Class and Professor,

I took the use of company devices perspective because my last name starts with the letter ‘S’. on the use of personal devices, Barlette et al., (2021) argue that while they bring many benefits, they also increase security risks such as malware infiltration. These disadvantages of personal devices at work can be considered advantages of sticking to company devices.

Primarily, I found three advantages of company devices for professional communication. First, they offer better security overall. It would be easier for the IT department to control login and hence deny unauthorized access to the company’s internal infrastructure. Second, they resolve the issue of…………………. [PURCHASE TO ACCESS FULL SOLUTION].


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