[Solved] EDUC 621 – Case Description – A quest towards profitability at Alabama



A quest toward profitability at Alabama A&M Athletics

Student Name

University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS Amherst)

EDUC 621 – Managing in Higher Education

Dr. Elisabeth E. “Liz” Bennett,

14th Feb.

Overview of the institution and organizational unit

The Alabama A&M Athletics Department is part of the Alabama A&M University (Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University). The university is a community-focused institution of higher learning established over 147 years ago in Huntsville in Madison County. The university was historically meant to serve the African-American communities and came into existence via a land grant associated with the Morrill Act of 1862 and 1890. The ties to the community in the university are still evident in the current context as over 75% of the student’s …………. (Click on the ‘Buy’ button to access the entire case. The total word count is 1,084)


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