[Solved] CCJ5039 – Discussion Question 2 – Surprising or unexpected contributing factor



Discussion Question 2

DQ2: The causes of self-control

Ch. 4 of Self-control and crime over the life course focuses on the wide-ranging theory and research on the factors that affect whether or not a child develops self-control in the first decade of life.

For this discussion, draw from that chapter to describe a surprising or unexpected contributing factor to low self-control. Maybe it’s unexpected because it deals with a causal factor that you have never considered. Or maybe it’s unexpected because the empirical evidence on a familiar causal factor is different than what you expected. Either of these are fine (and there probably are other variations I’m not thinking of).

In describing the unexpected causal factor that you identify, be sure to explain it clearly and thoroughly, noting how it differs from what you may have expected, and describe the relevant empirical evidence.

Response 1

Hay and Meldrum start off by discussing the case of Ethan Couch. I was really surprised to read that Ethan was not given any time in a juvenile facility for killing……………………… (Click Buy to access the full answer. You’ll also have access to a choice of 5 responses for the DQ3 – BEST VALUE!)


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