Madonna and Child with Six Saints’ (Pesellino Francesco di Stefano)


Exploring Madonna and Child with Six Saints’ (Pesellino Francesco di Stefano). Analysis of the artwork and the garments depicted in the artwork, as well as its artistic, cultural, and historical contexts.



This painting by Pesellino shows Madonna seated with a child and six saints surrounding her including Catherine of Alexandria, Anthony Abbot, Augustine, George, Jerome, and Cecilia. Pesellino came from a family of painters with his father and grandfather both being renowned artists at the time. Pesellino was partially mentored by his grandfather and after the grandfather died, Pesellino joined Fra Filippo Lippi in his workshop where they collaborated on some paintings. In this painting, Madonna and the child with six saints, the influence of Lippi’s ideas on portraying light are visible in Pesellino’s work.



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