Digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Contemporary Art


The paper explores Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Contemporary Art. It spans the works of several artists including Lynn Hershman Leeson, Jon Kessler, Lucas Blalock, Daniel Gordon, and Leonel Moura.

An in-depth look at each of the artist’s work. Appx. 2,000 words.



Amongst the points of contention in contemporary art is the role of digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in art creation. There are arguments for and against the fact that computers could be considered artists. Audry and Ippolito (2019) for instance argued that artificial intelligence only contributes to ………..

While the question still persists as to whether art made in this form could still be interpreted the same as traditional art, it is evident that their works mirror the greater theme of modern-day technologies being part of the creative art process. Thus, the ……….

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2,000 words.


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