Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) of El Jalisco


An Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) of El Jalisco.

Paper sections include introduction, purpose statement, situation analysis of El Jalisco, North Monroe Street Tallahassee, Florida. It also covers the assumption, employee responsibility, action levels, assignments and responsibilities, administration and logistics, plan development and maintenance, authorities, and references.



The Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) aims at ensuring that the individuals in an organization carry out specific actions at given times and places in cases of emergency. It shows the coordination of all the actions by setting lines of organizational and authority relationships. Moreover, there is a description of the property, and personnel can be protected in cases of disasters or emergencies (Reddick, 2011).

Disaster losses are mitigated through measures that are cost-effective. In areas where there are frequent cases of hazards such as in the case of Florida, mitigation can break the cycle of rebuilding various times with each occurrence of hazards. Opportunities are found in cases where there is mitigation. Planning is an essential way of taking advantage of various opportunities for mitigation during the aftermath of a disaster or emergency. In as much as mitigation aids in enhancing the safety of communities, there is no complete elimination of risks vulnerability for hazards.

It is necessary for El Jalisco to preplan since the occurrence of hazards in Florida is frequent hence the occurrence of emergencies from time to time. There can be chaos during an emergency in terms of lack of trained personnel, resources, shortage of time, and making rapid decisions. These are essential elements in case of an emergency and should be put into consideration always.

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Appx. 3,500 words.


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