Alcohol and partner abuse – A Literature Review


A hypothesis to prove that people who abuse alcohol are more likely to be involved in intimate partner violence.

A literature review.



Hove et al (2010) carried out a study to examine the role of the theory of self-determination in the consumption of alcohol and intimate partner violence among college students. The main interest was to evaluate how problematic alcohol use and male-to-female intimate partner violence can be influenced by the extent of individual differences in self-determination. Also, they evaluated the extent to which drinking problems may have mediation between IPV perpetration and self-determination. The study involved 313 male freshman drinkers who were heterosexual from North-Western universitiy and were aged between 18 and 21 years. The self-evaluation report was on IPV perpetration which was part of a larger social norm intervention study, alcohol use as well as autonomous and controlled orientations. The analyses had an evaluation of the influence of controlled and autonomous orientations on the consumption of alcohol-associated problems and the perpetration of intimate partner violence. The procedures used to achieve the aim of the study involved mailing and emailing an invitation letter in completing a screening questionnaire that was web-based.


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