[Instructions] A marketing strategy analysis for Hilton Hotel in the UK market (318 – Hospitality and Tourism Marketing)


[Instructions] A marketing strategy analysis for Hilton Hotel in the UK market (318 – Hospitality and Tourism Marketing)

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Module Title                                                 Module Code

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing                    318

Assignment Title                                                    Level

Marketing Strategy                                               7


This resit assignment is worth 100% of the total marks for this module.


Paul Bamber, Gwyneth Stewart, Faiza Khan, Naila Khan

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Critically analyse marketing issues, plan appropriate courses of action and complete, present & defend a marketing plan within a hospitality & tourism context.
  • Critically analyse and develop marketing strategies with an emphasis on brand positioning and market segmentation strategies
  • Critically analyse integrated marketing communications and their implementation
  • Analyse and evaluate the effect of contemporary marketing issues on market planning within hospitality and tourism.

Assignment Remit

You are required to write an individual report analysing the current situation and then outlining a suggested marketing strategy for a Hospitality or Tourism business of your choice. Your report should concentrate on the future marketing direction of your chosen organisation and should identify and focus in detail on one target market. If you decide to focus on your previous assignment, you should include a copy of your previous assignment.

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You should include the following:


  • Customer analysis – You should clearly discuss your chosen target market and provide detailed analysis as to any consumer motivations and trends affecting your chosen segments. You should highlight any opportunities or threats relating to your chosen target market
  • Competitor analysis – You should assess the relevant strategic group of competitors and clearly discuss your main competitors
  • An internal audit which clearly relates to your critical success factors. This should include a discussion of key strengths and weaknesses

Marketing Strategy

  • Discuss the chosen marketing strategy
  • Clearly identify and discuss in detail the band image and positioning strategy required for your target audience

Marketing Tactics

  • Clearly outline a tactical marketing campaign, discussing in detail any relevant marketing mix activity. You should make specific reference to any promotional/communication mix activity and consider any specific interactive marketing needs, taking into account latest best practice of e-marketing techniques

Implementation and Control

  • You should discuss any potential issues/problems with the implementation, control and measurement of your ideas


This is an individual assignment in report format with a maximum of 3,500 words. Any strategies discussed should relate to the identified specific marketing issues concerning your individual organisation and not wider corporate strategic management issues.

In addition you are required to consider the following guidance points which are there to help you structure an effective piece of work. Guidance on essay and report writing is available under ‘Academic Matters’ in your Student Handbook. In addition note the presentation standards specified in the Student Handbook concerning margins, font and layout.

  • You should concentrate on marketing strategy rather than wider corporate strategic management issues
  • Where larger major corporate branded companies are concerned you should relate your answer to individual hotels or restaurants, for example, rather than considering corporate strategy
  • You should concentrate on one target market
  • You should reflect upon the current brand image; decide on any desired future image and reflect on the positioning strategy required to achieve this goal
  • Develop an appropriate tactical marketing mix plan for reaching your chosen target market
  • Clearly discuss your promotional activity using all elements of the communications mix, including clear ideas for the use of the latest social media techniques
  • Demonstrate evidence of wider research and reading.


Please note that this assignment is an individual piece of work and should represent your own individual effort.  College policy in case of plagiarism will apply.

In preparation for your final submission Turnitin facilitates the submission of draft work which you can self-check using the originality function. This matching software is useful to use to ensure that you have appropriately acknowledged/ referenced the sources used.

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