[Content Guide] Hospitality and Tourism Marketing (318)


[Content Guide] Hospitality and Tourism Marketing (318)

University College Birmingham

MSc/PG Dip Hospitality with Tourism Management

Hospitality & Tourism Marketing (318)

Seminar Schedule

Seminar Outline

To support students in completing both Part A and B of the assignment, there is a programme of workshops/seminars. The purpose of these sessions is to reinforce the application of theory previously covered in the lectures and to provide an opportunity for students to endorse their progress and learning, by asking questions or raising issues. As these are sessions focused on the assignment, students should not approach lecturers to discuss their assignments outside of these sessions.

Weeks 2-7

In preparation for the group presentations in Weeks 7 & 8, the sessions will cover those techniques required in part A of the assignment. Each week, groups will be expected to discuss their progress with their tutor, raise issues and, during each scheduled hour, update their progress by completing the expected activities. Tutors will be available to monitor the progress of all group participants and ensure that all groups are approaching the task set appropriately. This will also be an opportunity for the group to clarify any issues or concerns that you may have, as well as generate discussion on points of interest.

It is the responsibility of the group to ensure that they are able to make full use of this session by coming fully prepared and be ready to discuss with the tutor their analysis to date.

Whilst these sessions are not assessed, the attendance and commitment level of each individual will be recorded. Where there is an indication of students either failing to contribute equally to the work in progress or of superior contribution by an individual, these records will be used to corroborate the final individual grading of participants. Failure to attend will be reflected in the grade received for part A.  Feedback on presentation performance will be given in week 9.

During Weeks 10– 11, these sessions will be set aside as seminar sessions designed to highlight key marketing principles important for part B of the assignment.  Students are expected to read the suggested case studies and prepare the questions, prior to the seminar. Any student who does not prepare in advance of the session should not expect to attend the seminar.

During week 12 students will have the opportunity to raise issues relating to either the implementation of strategies or the developing appropriate tactical marketing activities. This is not an opportunity for a one to one consultation or for lecturers to check students work. Students should raise issues that they would like to discuss with their lecturers in advance of these sessions.

Week 2: Seminar groups confirmed

Students will be allocated a room, day and time in line with timetables

Week 3: Assignment launch assignment groups confirmed

  • Tutors will confirm your groups
  • Launch of Assignment
  • Allocation of organisations for case study
  • Self-reflection forms and group logs

Week 4 – Customer Analysis

Following lecture in week 3 you should research and prepare to address the following:

  • Who are your key current and potential new customers?
  • Key motivations and determining factors to consider

It is recommended that you complete Swarbrooke’s models for motivations and determining factors in advance of this session.

Week 5 – Internal  / External Analysis

  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Critical success factors affecting your marketing
  • Competitor Analysis

It is recommended that you undertake a SWOT analysis in advance of this session

Week 6 – Making Conclusions

  • Strengths and Weaknesses of current marketing activity
  • Evidence of trends affecting your businesses
  • Conclusions – what are your weaknesses, challenges and opportunities

It is recommended that you identify key trends affecting your customers in advance of this session. You should also be able to discuss your key conclusions

Weeks 7 & 8 – group presentations


Week 9 – Feedback

(Groups B&C on residential trip)

Groups will have an opportunity to discuss their feedback with their tutor

In addition, case studies will be given to students to prepare for seminars in weeks 10 &11


Week  10 Image and Positioning Strategies

Read the case studies Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts: It’s in our nature and Art Series Hotels: Steal Banksy to answer the questions.

Week 11 – Effective marketing communications

Read the case studies Tourism Queensland: The Best Job in the World and Grupo Sigla: Lah! Unexpected Restaurant to answer the questions on the task sheet.

Week 12:  workshop sessions

•         A chance to raise final issues relating to the assignment

Week 13 – Assignment Hand in


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