Triumph Motorcycles Essay Instructions (MAN-30048 Business Strategy)


Triumph Motorcycles Essay Instructions (MAN-30048 Business Strategy)

MAN-30048 Business Strategy

Assignment options

Choose ONE of the options below:

  1. “The term ‘head-to-head competition’ is literal. Global competition is not just product versus product, company versus company, or trading bloc versus trading bloc. It is mind-set versus mind-set…”  (Hamel and Prahalad 1993, p77). Discuss, with reference to Strategic Intent, StretchandLeverage, and ONE other concept introduced on the module.

  1. Analyse the strategy of a company of your choice from the perspective of any ONE or TWO of the models or concepts introduced in lectures 1 – 8.

You must include the Turnitin reference number on your hard copy cover sheet.

The word count target is 2000 (+/- 10%, excluding your references list and any appendices).

Proper and full Harvard referencing is essential.

Question-specific advice

  1. Clearly, Lecture 4 will be at the heart of your essay but – and I hope equally clearly – simple reproduction of Hamel and Prahalad’s material is not what is being asked for.  Could it be argued that, whilst strategic analysis is essential, changing the way people think and act is the surest route to strategic success?

Consider arguments for and against H&P’s contention, and be sure to support your ideas with argument/sources/examples as appropriate.

  • This is an opportunity to examine a real company of your choice and research their strategy with specific reference to your chosen topic(s). 

If you choose one of the companies or industries examined in tutorials, you will of course be expected to use much more than just the case study material!

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