TL3140 – Tourism Essay Instructions


TL3140 – Tourism Essay Instructions

Pick essay 1 or essay 2.

Essay 1

Critically evaluate the assertion that tourism and consequent tourist experiences rely on the ‘consumption of place’

Define place

Explain how place can be consumed.  In other words how are places (their physical characteristics, meanings and the activities associated with them) used to facilitate or produce experiences on which Tourism relies? 
Use a variety of examples, these may include types of tourism (e.g. literary tourism), examples of event tourism or places (e.g. Tahiti) as discussed in class, or find other examples, to demonstrate the nature of the tourist experience in relation to place.

You should incorporate theories and ideas which shed light on the consumption of place, for example sense of place, commodification, the experience economy, the tourist gaze or any concept that you feel is relevant.  You are not limited to the concepts discussed in this this module.   

Be sure that you ‘critically evaluate’ the assertion in the title. 

All of David’s lectures (and most likely some of Sean’s) are potentially relevant to this essay but start with session 2: Tourism & Sense of Place


Essay 2:

Critically discuss to what extent tourism, event or hospitality experiences can improve the quality of peoples lives.

Choose either a tourism, event or hospitality context.

Justify your choice – explain why tourism, events or hospitality may be used as a QoL indicator.

Explore and establish what is meant by the term “Quality of Life”.

Be aware of objective and subjective notions of QoL and its association with leisure in general. Note – that much of your discussion will be based upon your interpretation.

Ensure that you critically discuss “To what extent”.

As a starting point- refer to slides and reading for week 4.


Assessment Criteria (Assessment One)

  • Your work should illustrate the efficient selection and management of source materials, with appropriate citation of reference material to illustrate and to create sound theoretical underpinnings. In addition, your work should show elements of original thought.
  • Your work should show critical discussion and appraisal of the chosen literature, and synthesis of a variety of academic viewpoints and theories. You should choose a particular case on which to base your work and discussions. You may wish to consider adopting more than one case example in order to provide a greater amount of depth, rigour and analysis. Your work should be multidisciplinary in its approach, and in particular make sound use of leisure and tourism theory. Higher grades will be awarded to essays that adopt a critical approach to the literature, essays that are well-researched with evidence of a broad range of reading material, and essays that tell a robust ‘academic story’ with clear objectives, analysis, opinion, and conclusions. 
  • An Abstract (150 word guide) is required which summarises your key themes and overall conclusions, and should appear on a separate page at the beginning of your essay.
  • Your work should be structured in essay format, be clearly and professional presented, and lucidly written with an absence of grammatical and spelling errors. Your work should be presented in Times New Roman font (size 12) with 1½ line spacing. All page margins should be set at 2.54cm. You should give your paper a distinct title that both reflect your discussions and essay choice.
  • Please also refer to the Generic Assessment Criteria (attached) for grade indicators in the areas of:
  • Relevance of work;
    • Knowledge and understanding displayed;
    • Depth of analysis, argument and evaluation provided;
    • Evidence of independent research and academic referencing;

Style of presentation and structure of research.

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