(Study Guide) PL 104 – Study Short Notes for all Lessons (Business Corporations and Entities Law)



Corporations and business entities

School – New York Paralegal (www.newyorkparalegal.org)

Taught by Charles A. Petitto

PL 104   Business Corporations and Entities Law (36 Hours)

Lectures on the formation and organization of corporations, C-corps, not-for-profits, limited liability companies (LLC’s), agencies and partnerships. Students learn the rights and duties of shareholders, directors and officers, corporate management, mergers and acquisitions, insider trading, dividends, distributions and dissolution.   Students also learn the procedures and forms required for successful incorporation.

Corporations & Business Entities – Sec. 1

Lesson 1a – 38 min

Introduction to the class and remarks on rules and guidelines.

For profit corporations – they make money and the profits go to the shareholders.

Not-for-profit corporation – they make money but do not keep the profit e.g., spend the money on charity activities……..

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This study pack contains short notes on the PL104 class taught at the New York Paralegal School.

You will save a lot of time because you won’t need to watch the entire 36hrs of lectures.

The notes will be critical as you prepare for the midterm and final exams.

The notes cover all lessons from 1a to 9b.

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