[Solved] PSYC220 – Discussion 3 and response – Baumrind’s model



Discussion 3 and responses

Parenting Styles

Take a moment to consider how you were raised. Utilizing Baumrind’s model as a framework, how would you characterize the parenting style of your upbringing? Do you think this particular style influenced how you are/or will be as a parent? What is the role of culture, environment, ethnicity in parenting styles?

Please be sure your answers are reflecting knowledge gained from the discussion and text by using key words and concepts in the referenced chapters.

All responses are expected to include formal grammar and punctuation.


I grew up in a household of parents that were polar opposites of each other. My mother, based on Baumrind’s model, was an authoritarian. She used to lay down rules and standards to be followed by everyone and there ……………… (Click ‘Buy’ above to access the entire solution).


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