[Solved] NR393 – Week 4 Discussion – Impact of 19th Century Nurses (Graded)




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Discussion question

Important nurses of the 19th century are often overshadowed by Nightingale’s prominence. Select one 19th century nurse other than Nightingale and describe this person’s contributions to leadership and/or nursing care. We look forward to reading about the nurse you select!


Class, you may begin posting in this discussion on Sunday, which is Preview Day for Week 4.

Each of us is inspired by at least one 19th century nurse. Select one nurse who practiced extensively in the 19th century (1800s) and search for information about his/her contributions to nursing. Please do not use Nightingale for this discussion! This may be a nurse who was discussed in the lesson or textbook but could also be a famous nurse not covered there. While there will be some duplication, let’s see how many different great 19th century nurses we can present in this discussion!


The purpose of this discussion is for learners to explore the contributions of one 19th century nurse related to leadership and/or provision of care.

Course Outcomes:

This discussion enables the student to meet the following course outcome:

  • CO1: Describe persons and events in nursing history from the early years through the 19th century related to leadership and provision of care. (PO2)

Due Date

  • During the assigned week (Sunday the start of the assigned week through Sunday the end of the assigned week):
    • Posts in the discussion at least two times, and
    • Posts in the discussion on two different days

Points Possible

50 points


  • Discussions are designed to promote dialogue between faculty and students, and students and their peers. In discussions students:
    • Demonstrate understanding of concepts for the week
    • Integrate outside scholarly sources when required
    • Engage in meaningful dialogue with classmates and/or instructor
    • Express opinions clearly and logically, in a professional manner
  • Use the rubric on this page as you compose your answers.
  • Best Practices include:
    • Participation early in the week is encouraged to stimulate meaningful discussion among classmates and instructor.
    • Enter the discussion often during the week to read and learn from posts.
    • Select different classmates for your reply each week.


To view the grading criteria/rubric, please click on the 3 dots in the box at the end of the solid gray bar above the discussion board title and then Show Rubric. See Syllabus for Grading Rubric Definitions.




Discussion Response 1

I selected Mary Mahoney for this week’s discussion based on her impact on the nursing field. In the week’s lesson, Mahoney is identified as the first African American graduate nurse in the U.S. ……………….. (Purchase solution to access this and 9 MORE Tutor-Verified discussion responses for this week’s prompts).


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