[Solved] MAN 4673 – Video Case Analysis – WTDC CEO Ralph Gazitua Interview



*The solution avoids the words “fixed expense, variable expense, accommodation of troop movements, cross-docking, EDI, bar coding and scanning” which have been used too much in answers found elsewhere on the internet. You will therefore get a very unique solution.



Video case: “Budding Biz – David Wernick video interview with Ralph Gazitua

This video is an interview that examines the founding and growth of WTDC, a leading Miami-based logistics infrastructure company founded by the Gazitua family in the 1970s. WTDC President and CEO Ralph Gazitua explains how and why his family started the company, the various challenges his company has faced over time and how he has adapted his business model to meet the demands of the marketplace.  The 15-minute video includes a tour of WTDC’s warehouse and a brief interview with WTDC’s marketing manager.


  1. Watch the 15-minute video, available at the links below. Note that the video is in two parts.  You must watch both parts:

Part 1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNRnF58Bu94

Part 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0QaVG4f0G0

  1. After watching the video, answer the following two questions:
  2. Identify three specific terms from the chapters/notes that Mr. Gazitua mentioned in the video. In your own words, briefly explain what each term means. (40 pts)

WARNING: Past students have included the terms fixed expense, variable expense, accommodation of troop movements, cross-docking, EDI, bar coding and scanning in their answers to this question and others.  These are inaccurate answers and are key indicators that you have plagiarized your paper by copying and pasting from internet.  You will receive a “0” for your paper in such a case.

  1. Since the video was recorded, Mr. Gazitua’s son, Sean, has taken over as CEO. Assume that Sean has decided to expand WTDC’s global reach by seeking customers in Morocco.  He assigned you the task of developing a strategy to accomplish the company’s expansion objective.  Identify any trade agreement(s) between the U.S. and Morocco that you think would benefit Sean.  How does any such agreement help the company?  Are there any products that would be eligible (be specific)?  Be sure to support your answer with terms and concepts from the Notes/Chapter. (60 pts
  2. Submission Instructions:
  3. Answer the case in a Word doc. The paper must be turned in as a Word doc attachment in the Video Case Analysis Dropbox link in Canvas.
  4. Answer each question in a separate paragraph. Please number the question you are answering.
  5. Answer all questions in a narrative format, using complete sentences. NO BULLETS!!!  Points will be deducted for using a bulleted/numbered list format. 
  6. Include your name, Panther ID, and the case title on the first page of your paper.
  7. The paper should be approximately 500 words (total) excluding the questions.


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