[Solved] LEGL710 – Case Analysis Topic Paper – Ethical Issue, Legal Analysis, and Relevance to the Business Environment – Sports Injuries and ethics



Your purchase will include:

  • The Case Analysis Topic Proposal paper
  • The Case Analysis Final Paper

Assignment: Case Analysis Topic Paper

Weekly Learning Objectives:

  • Learner will apply various models of business ethics to a real-life scenario.
  • Learner will analyze how corporate social responsibility relates to a real life scenario.

Using the Case Analysis Paper Rubric listed below for the specific grading criteria, complete the following:

In Weeks 3 & 5, you submitted a Case Analysis Topic Proposal and Outline on an ethical or financial scandal of your choice. This week you will complete the course project by constructing a paper incorporating your instructor’s feedback.

Complete the course project by constructing a paper based on the research and identification of a recent lawsuit, legal news story, or article using an Internet or DU Library search centering on a case dealing with an ethical or financial scandal (think violation of Sarbanes-Oxley). News-feed websites such as MSN or CNN, or search engines such as Yahoo or Google may be useful. Major publications such as the New York limes, Wall Street Journal, etc are available through the DU Library. To complete the case analysis, you should research the assigned topic to provide a measure of information about the topic’s significance to the current business environment. Be mindful of the scope of your topic addressing the key elements identified in relation to your selected topic.

Your final Case Analysis Topic Paper will contain the following sections:

  • Overview/Summary Should thoroughly address the facts and background of your chosen case or legal dispute and the legal issue (or law) in question.
  • Opinion/Legal Analysis Should demonstrate your critical thinking and analysis of the subject matter as it relates to the legal principles and concepts covered in the textbook. You should provide an explanation and discussion of the legal principles as they apply to the issue in question.
  • Relevance to Business Environment Should discuss the topic’s application to the current business climate an offer an insight-building summary, recommendations, findings and conclusions. Feel free to draw on your own professional experience as well.

Directions for Submission

Using the rubric, your Case Analysis Topic Proposal and Outline (and any feedback provided) as a guide, develop a 10-12 page (not including title and reference pages), APA formatted paper. An important element of writing at the graduate level is to be clear and concise in your delivery. As a reminder a minimum of 5 scholarly sources must be utilized, cited within the text of your paper, and referenced. Be sure to include the use of appropriate headings and subheadings throughout to help guide your reader and facilitate topic transitions, proper citations and references, and appropriate document format (margins, spacing, etc), as dictated by APA guidelines.


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