Hunger Games – Film Review


Hunger Games – Film Review.

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Hunger Games – Film Review.

 The Hunger Games film was produced in 2012 by Gary Ross based on the 2008 novel by Suzanne Collins on the same title. The main purpose of the film was a depiction of a dystopian society. The events are projected in an apocalyptic timing where a nation in existence, Panen is made up of two castes; the rich and the power. The two distinct classes of people are concentrated in various locations as the affluent members of the society occupy the capitol where the nation’s leadership resides whereas the poor population occupies the 12 districts of Panen.

The apocalyptic nature of the film offers a contextual understanding of the manner in which the future society shall be and the politics of the future. Gary Ross through the film helps in communicating of an oppressive leadership who does not have concern and goodwill for the poor people in the society.  The president, who lives in Capitol, is out of touch with the realities in the population of 12 districts. Katniss, the main character brings out the struggle of the poor. The poor population is living in deplorable living conditions and has difficulties in meeting their basic needs such as food.  Katniss goes hunting in the wild so that the family can get food. The author describes the hopeless situation in the Panen country, as the introductory part of the film is a result of the revolt of the 12 districts of Panen as a result of their sufferings. The country leaders instead of addressing the hardships among the various districts create a process of punishing generations. The author does describe the power struggle in the futuristic view. Leadership is about stamping authoritarian rule instead of the required governance………….

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Appx. 1,000 words.



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