[Assessment 1 Report] – Laudon & Laudon (2021) state “e-commerce has become more social, mobile and local” (p.406) (44-602557 – Managing the Digital Enterprise – Level 6)


[Assessment 1 Report] – Laudon & Laudon (2021) state “e-commerce has become more social, mobile and local” (p.406) (44-602557 – Managing the Digital Enterprise – Level 6)

Report Prompt

Laudon & Laudon(2021) state “ e-commerce has become more social, mobile and local” (p.406) and that “consumer purchase decisions are increasingly driven by the conversations, choices, tastes and opinions of their social network” (p.408).

Task Summary

Critically assess the validity of these statements in the context of the current e-commerce environment.

Your report should also include a critical assessment of any identified barriers of issues to social networks potentially influencing customer’s decision-making and e-commerce becoming more social, mobile, and local’.

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Please note:

  • You should give examples of appropriate companies to evidence and support your answer where appropriate.
  • References that evidence understanding and application of the content of relevant academic articles and publications will also be given credit.

Your answer should be in report format

Please see the assessment folder on the Bb site for further guidelines on structure and content.

Feedback: Students will receive written feedback on their work based on the grid below.  Personalized comments will also be provided on individual work.

Sheffield Business School’s Guidance on Word Count for your Assignments

Your assignment is subject to a word count limit. Your tutors will mark the word count stated in the assessment brief, within a +/-10% margin. As your assignment is 2000 words, the absolute maximum word count is 2200. Appendices should only be used to provide supporting information for your work in-text. They will not be marked. The table below identifies what is and is not included in the word count.

Word Count

Absolute word limit: We will stop reading and marking your work once this is reached!2,200  
The word count includes:The word count DOES NOT include
Tables if they are constructed using words   Abstract Executive Summaries Quotations, citations, in-text referencesTitle page Contents page Reference list Appendices  Tables only if they are used to present quantitative data
Word count limits for the report.

Assessment Criteria/Rubric

Individual Written Assignment criteria %Mark  <40%Pass 40-49%2.2 50-59%2.1 60-69%Distinction >70%
Critical assessment of validity of statements in context of current e-commerce environment (70%)Minimum analysis and the critical assessment is  descriptive with a lack of evidence provided.The critical assessment is at a basic level and tends towards description.  There is some evidence of knowledge and understanding.The critical assessment is at a reasonable level but does not have enough depth even though there is reasonable evidence of knowledge and understanding.The critical assessment is at a good level with good evidence of knowledge and understanding of the issues.The critical assessment is at an excellent level with clear signs of originality being shown. A through and comprehensive demonstration of knowledge and understanding.
Critical assessment of identified barriers or issues to social networks potentially influencing customers’ decision-making and e-commerce becoming more ‘social, mobile and local’. (20%)Very little or biased assessment and little or no understanding of the issues.A basic assessment & limited in terms of assessment & objectivity.A reasonably balanced & objective assessmentA well balanced and clear, objective assessmentAssessment is exceptionally well balanced and objective.
Appropriate academic referencing. Effectiveness of communication and cohesiveness of the submitted work. (10%)Insufficiently evidenced research. Poor communication and presentation.Sufficiently evidenced research but lacking in depth. Sufficient communication and presentation.Reasonable evidence of research.  Appropriate communication and presentationWell evidenced research. Good communication and presentation.Excellent evidenced research.  Excellent communication and presentation.
Assessment rubric for the report

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