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Muthaiga Golf Club – Kenya


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Muthaiga Golf Club is located in Nairobi, Kenya, in Africa. Kenya is one of the most robust economies in Africa driven by agricultural exports and SMEs (Herbling, 2020).

However, a large population still lives in poverty with World Bank reporting that 35.6% of the populations earns below $2 a day (World Bank, 2018). 

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Golfing in Kenya traces its history to the colonial times at the time when it was still a reserve for the powerful and the rich (Gacheru, 2018). This perspective is till held in the country to some extent even to date.

A large percentage of the population therefore does not golf primarily due to the perception that golfing is expensive.


The weather in Kenya cannot be generalized due to the varied landscape and climatic regions associated with the landscapes. There are arid savannah regions, warm coastal regions, snow-capped regions such as Mt. Kenya, and some regions with in-between weather (Britannica, 2020).

The main cities with golfing activity, Nairobi and Mombasa although experiencing different climatic conditions, have similarity in weather trends throughout the year. Heavy rainfall around months of April and December, and hot months in-between. There are rarely extreme weather shifts as the tropical climate dominates.


Just like the weather, the typography in Kenya varies with regions. The lowest point is at the coast bordering the India Ocean – Mombasa region, while the highest is around Mt. Kenya in the central province at 17,057 ft.

Most of the land is on low plains that rise into the occasional highlands and these are separated by land lying in the great rift valley which cuts across Kenya from the north to the south.


Kenya is among the renowned tourism destinations in the world especially due to the variety of wildlife and the infamous Maasai culture.

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Tourism in Kenya mainly involves the visit to national parks with access to most of the jungle animals, and the experience of the Kenyan coastal cities such as Malindi with admirable beach scenery.

Political stability

The political climate in Kenya is relatively stable with high uncertainties around the election period. Election cycles are five years apart and often get heated to the point of tribal violence. This has been witnessed before during the 2007 presidential elections where tribal violence led to a case in the International Criminal Court against the sitting president – Uhuru Kenyatta (BBC News, 2020).

Interference with institutions, corruption and impunity also often create political uncertainty exacerbated by party-based politics.

During periods of political stability, Kenya performs better than most of its neighboring countries with an average GDP growth of 5.4% each year (East African Business News, 2020).

Top Club Basic Information

Muthaiga Golf Club is a private golfing club with restricted membership terms since a new member needs to be referred by an existing member and approved to join via a vote by the board (Muthaiga Golf Club, 2020a).

The club is located next to an urban forestland – Karura Forest – which has great ambience owing to the greenery, extensive woods that isolate the course, and numerous ponds and lakes within the course (Muthaiga Golf Club, 2020b).

Its location is also highly accessible as it is about 20 minutes’ drive from the affluent business district – Westlands – and on the way to high end neighborhoods – Karen, Muthaiga, and Kileleshwa.

Other than golfing, Muthaiga Golf Club offers other facilities to members such as a sports bar, a main bar area, a gym, wellness spa, and meeting/conferencing facilities. These amenities are restricted to members only (Muthaiga Golf Club, 2020b).

The golf club is well set to address the needs of its common clientele – wealth Kenyans and foreigners – who include businessmen, politicians and prominent individuals escaping the eye of the public during their private time. This is well seen in its location near high end homes and business district of Nairobi.

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The club features world-class facilities across all its amenities from a golf course designed by Peter Matkovich, a renowned designer, to a club house praised for its modern appeal (Muiruri, 2017). Its renovation of facilities in 2014 brought in a new high-end interior with large spaces, better technology integration and fuller entertainment features targeted at younger members (Muiruri, 2017). Overall, the clubhouse has a contemporary interior look with a modernized but old-design exterior.


The club’s website is a bit dated with the last update seeming to have been done in 2017. This overall points to the lack of focus on the internet as their primary marketing platform. The website however highlights the key messages the club shares as points of marketing. These include; the proximity to the ambient Karura forest, the world-class course designed by a renown designer in the field, several amenities, and its rich history as a prestigious golfing facility (Muthaiga Golf Club, 2020b).

Muthaiga golf club – About Us

Their online presence is basic with Facebook and Twitter as their social platforms with very few followers given the size of their brand name in Kenya.

Muthaiga Golf Club – Facebook

The main focus of the course is to offer a prestigious golfing facility that serves the elite in Kenya. The marketing messages are mostly around the championships, new games, and facility offerings/options to members rather than invitation to memberships.

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Their website has featured championships which include the Barclays Kenya Open tournament which is a major event in Kenya’s golfing since attended by golfers from all over the world. This even is a critical marketing element of the club to the world’s elite golfers.

Barclays Kenya Open 2018

They also have a brochure that offers more information of their facilities to new golfers but this is sold for $10 at their offices

Muthaiga Golf Club Brochure

Their Facebook page also mentions that they are nominated as the top golfing club in Kenya.

Muthaiga Golf Club – Twitter

Membership structure

The membership information of the club is not publicly available but the information available on their website – like charges for guest golfers (varying with the company of a member or lack of it) – point to a multi-tier structure.

In addition, it seems members acquire certain rights after a period of memberships since all members can only propose a new member if they have been with the club for more than three years and with good record (Muthaiga Golf Club, 2020a).

In order to join the club, an applicant has to be proposed by an existing member that has been with club for more than 3 years. The existing member writes a letter of proposition to the general manager and gets presented with a proposer’s form. The applicant fills in the proposer’s and submits it alongside a $200 application fee. The general manager then invites the applicant to meet a membership committee accompanied by their proposer. A successful meeting ends with the applicant’s name on the notice board for review by other members for a period of 30 days. After these 30 days, the proposer introduces the applicant to the board members who then vote on whether to accept the application or not.

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Potential challenges

A major challenge facing Muthaiga Golf Club is maintaining its prestigious outlook. This is because there are several other golf clubs with equally good facilities and focusing on the same target market as Muthaiga Golf Club.

These include Sigona Golfing Club (viewed as the most prestigious), Windsor Golf Club (voted one of Africa’s Best Golf Resort), Vipingo Rigde (voted among top 100 world’s best golf courses), and the Nandi Bears Club which is increasingly becoming termed as prestigious (Elekevu, 2020).


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