[List] – Accounting and Finance Research Project Topic Examples 2021/2022


[List] – Accounting and Finance Research Project Topic Examples 2021/2022

These are example topics drawn from ACFI 3420 Accounting and Finance Project which is a research project unit at De Montfort University Leicester.

The topics would be ideal for 6,000 words to 8,000 words dissertation but could be changed to fit a more extensive research project.

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  • Setting Strategic Climate Management Goals Will Help Ethical Investment.
  • It is argued that fraudulent accounting practice in the UK has an evolving history. In what ways has this been the case and why?
  • For corporate entities, what factors influence the fraudulent accounting practice in the UK?
  • How financial performance affects disclosures (e.g. conciseness, completeness/balanced, comparability, etc.) of integrated reporting?
  • Is Fraud Triangle Model still relevant and applicable after semi centennial?
  • Can one-size-fit-all financial reporting standards be useful for transparency of the financial statements?
  • Carbon market and carbon reporting has failed?
  • What impact does the shift from manufacturing to service industries have on the methods and usefulness of management accounting techniques?
  • Financial crises have largely highlighted failures of banking systems?
  • How can NGOs show financial success without recording profits?
  • To what extent can ethical theory be used to help solve ethical dilemmas faced by accountants?
  • Should the UK “tax bads not goods”?
  • Would a single form of taxation for individuals improve tax transparency?
  • Could Graham’s model have predicted the success of the FTSE 100 companies?
  • Can company failure be predicted using published financial statements?

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