305 HRM – International HRM – Essay Instructions.


305 HRM – International HRM – Essay Instructions.

The word count does not include your reference list or contents page; it does include in-text referencing.

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Component 1 of the Assignment:

You are a senior international human resource manager in a British multinational corporation (X industry sector) planning to open a subsidiary in a country of your choice (country B). In advance of ‘start-up’ formulate a critical essay to your board of executives  which addresses the following:

  • The major institutional and cultural differences which separate the UK and country B. You should make a reference to major political economic and social factors as well as safety issues for expatriates in the host environment.

The advantages and disadvantages of working in bicultural managerial team comprising representatives from the UK and country B.

The benefits and drawback of devolving responsibility for managing key HR functions to a local management team in country B.

Component 2 of the Assignment :

  • a ‘Personal Reflection’ which is your own reflection on the process of working in a multicultural group and what you have learned.  Your reflection should be written in the first person (use me / I) and should be no more than 500 words in total. This is part of your overall 4,000 word count.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

Demonstrate sound knowledge of the relationship between and the impact of culture on organisational life.

Identify key areas of similarity and difference in HR practice between countries.

Link the choice of strategic international HR with international business strategy approaches.

Measure the impact and effectiveness of international assignments.

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