[Solved] NR451 – Week 7 Discussion – CDC Wonder (graded)




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Discussion Questions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Informatics and Surveillance website contains a number of resources nurses could innovatively incorporate in care delivery. The CDC Wonder site could be utilized by nurses in a number of ways. https://wonder.cdc.gov/

For this discussion you will:

  • Identify one of the resources at the CDC Wonder site above and describe how a nurse might use this information in practice.
  • How might nurses utilizing telehealth benefit from these resources?
  • Address what you find innovative about the link.
  • Feel free to share some of your nursing innovation ideas!


The resource I chose is Infant Death. According to the CDC website, the resource is reliant on the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) which produces data on deaths of U.S. resident children under 1 year of age, including counts and rates. The information is derived from death certificates, which are linked to corresponding birth certificates. The data is organized by various categories, including the “county of the mother’s residence, the child’s age, gender, birth weight, birth plurality, birth order, gestational age at birth, period of ………………………….. [PURCHASE TO VIEW FULL SOLUTION].


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