[Answered] Exam #2 – CCJ 5705/ CCJ5705


The questions in the exam are:

  1. Discuss the importance of evaluation research to criminology. Choose one public policy or crime-control program and describe the steps that you would take to evaluate the effectiveness of that policy or program.
  2. Describe the various levels of measurement. In addition, describe the measures of central tendency (in detail). Provide an example of a variable that corresponds to each level of measurement and then discuss the measures of central tendency that can used to describe that variable. Be specific.
  3. Compare and contrast an intervening variable and an extraneous variable. Describe two examples of an intervening variable and two examples of an extraneous variable. How do these types of variables affect criminological research?


This document contains answers to CCJ 5705 Exam #2- Research Methods in Criminology.


Importance of Evaluation Research in Criminology

             Evaluation research is important in criminology as it strengthens the feedback loop through conducting credible analysis of the program operations and outcomes (Bachman and Schutt, 2020).  Criminological work is further strengthened through the feedback loop inclusion of connections to parties outside of the program itself.  Research on the government program may include the outside experts who are not necessarily part of the program itself.  Evaluation research in criminology helps in answering the question of why does the program does what it does. It is a pertinent question in the determination of the impact of programs in criminology.

Bachman and Schutt (2020) indicate that evaluation research in criminology helps in the needs assessment. It determines the perception that aptly describes the shape of the need and what programs should be put in place so as to address the need.  Needs assessment in criminology is vital for the development of programs that address the need (Bachman and Schutt, 2020).  During implementation…………..

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