An Analysis of the Impact of technology in Our Society


An Analysis of the Impact of technology in Our Society

An Analysis of the Impact of technology in Our Society

Digitization has made technology a vital part of today’s society. Through an analysis of the literature, the paper looks into the manner in which Internet spread around the globe has both positively and negatively impact to the society. The increased production of technological gadgets and internet affordability has led to an increase in the number of communities using internet for their daily operations.

Declining Social Activities

Younes and Al-Zoubi (2015), in their review indicates that the widespread of internet has led to technology directly controlling people’s lives. Technology has continued to be the center piece of modern day world as it has made life easy. However, Younes and Al-Zoubi (2015) indicates that the technology spread has led to a decrease in normal social activities. The increased use of social media sites has served the community in connecting people miles away despite leading to a disruption of the normal day-day lives (Younes and Al-Zoubi, 2015).  

Cultural Awareness

The ability to use modern technological equipment has served as a measure for the cultural awareness of a particular community.  In their review, Younes and Al-Zoubi (2015), found out that communities benefit from the use of technology through the improvement in service provision, improved life and improved communications and relationships. The usage of technology makes a community to have a developed culture.

 Still, Younes and Al-Zoubi (2015), in their review explains that the rapid spread of the technological use has led to the increase in the negative impacts of the society.  The major cause of the negative impact of society is lack of sufficient knowledge on how to handle the technological tools. For instance, Younes and Al-Zoubi (2015) found out that the human beings are continually engaging each other in social media sites such as Facebook for communications. Ideally, human beings are wired for physical on-on –one interaction.

Technology for Social Technological Transformation

 In a similar research, Castells (2018) analyzed the impact of technology to the society. The research found out that technology in the information age has been a propelling engine for the technological change in the industrial era.  Castell (2018) indicates that initially technological growth in the developing world was hindered by the lack of the appropriate infrastructure. Nowadays, the narrative has changed; there is a tremendous increase in the access to the internet and technological devices such as the smart phones. Thus, Castells (2018) found out that despite the inefficiency in performance and difference in bandwidth, the whole world can be deemed as fully connected.

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Spread of Digital Information

Regarding the impacts of technology to the world, Castells (2018) states that technological development has ensured the steady spread of the digital information in all formats.   The increased strength and scope of the communication in the digital platform has led to the increase in the utopian and dystopian views by individual persons (Castells, 2018).  The media is at the forefront for the formation of the wrong concepts through the biased commentary and anecdotal observation. In the research, Castells (2018) found out that there is no definite way in which the social media interactions have fueled negative social relationships. In all past research studies, Castells (2018) found out the social media has always been used responsibly to increase social interactions among distinct cultures.

 Castells(2018) indicate that the true understanding of the technological impact on the society is pegged on the understanding of its materialistic nature. Ideally, technological impact is  based on the manner in which  the social process developed by the initial and subsequent producers is like. Castells(2018) through study of related literature found out the use of technology has had the positive impact to the people of the lower social caste. Particularly, social media usage has led to the development of the positive self-esteem, and a feeling of acceptance to people who are poor or who might think themselves as less qualified. For Women, Castells (2018) found out that internet does indeed help them in the organization of their lives.

Autonomy Growth

Castells(2018) found out that the increased usage of the social media sites has led to the   growth of autonomy. Autonomy as a concept is directly related to singularity (Castells, 2018).  Technology usage has made individual users to develop in specific items as members of the larger society. Therefore, the autonomous individuals grow in areas such as professional development, entrepreneurship, communicative autonomy and social –political participation.

Social Media Usage

 Just like Younes and Al-Zoubi (2015), Castells,( 2018) identified the rapid use of technology worldwide has been characterized through the growth of the social media usage. Communities are connecting through social media platforms as they engage in day to day business. The networking and the levels of interactions are based on the groupings and the nature of activities that a specific person conducts.  The use of social media has led to a distinctively different kind of social growth; physical connections are reducing while the only interactions are increasing.

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Major Disruptions of Technology

Just like the past two papers, Wilburn and Wilburn (2018) carried out a research on the impact of technology on the society and the business.  They found out that technology had got major disruptions to the social life of the users.  Unlike the first two papers, Wilburn and Wilburn(2018) identifies  the means in which the social world is completely changed through the virtualization of jobs. People no longer have colleagues whom they develop relationships and share life issues. They found out that there was an increase in social depression once the avenues for people meeting in social places are cut off. Wilburn and Wilburn (2018), found out that the current experiences in the social life shall be replaced by the cyberexistence concept. Technological impact in individual’s life shall be felt through the use of virtual space to interact with similar minded persons.  Wilburn and Wilburn (2018) envision a futuristic society that shall simply be comprised of two classes of people, the rich and the poor. The rich shall be the people affording to get technological equipment to work for them such as robots while the poor shall comprise the people doing menial jobs such as gardening.

 Conclusion and Thoughts

 Globalization and widespread of Internet usage has made life simple. However, there are a myriads of problems associated with the digitization process.   Through the analytic research, I personally think technology has tremendously improved the society. Through the establishment of the social media sites, trading through e-commerce, socialization, and e-learning have all improved the lives of the current generation. The interconnectedness of the  world through technology helps in the dissemination of knowledge and information and continually break the information divide between the developing and the developed countries.


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